ISIN Eligibility Release 1.0
ISIN Issuance and Eligibility
ISIN Issuance
To request a new International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) or a Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) for a new Canadian security, click Create a new ISIN request.
To check the current status of an existing ISIN or CUSIP request or to continue editing a saved draft, click View an existing ISIN request.
To make an existing ISIN eligible for CDSX,click Request eligibility for an existing ISIN request.
Note: ISIN requests should take one business day to complete - provided all required documents and information is included. requests received after 4:00 p.m. ET will be considered as submitted on the next business day.
Note: Requests for Multiple ISIN's (such as Mutual Funds, Multiple Series, NHA's and Medium Term Notes of the same Issuer) may take longer than the usual one business day to complete.
Requests are subject to Canadian and U.S. holiday processing.
ISIN Eligibility
To avoid complications and possible delays with the settlement and/or corporate action treatment of the requested security in CDSX, please note that all supporting documentation must be in final form. This documentation must be provided using the ISIN Eligibility application a minimum of two (2) full business days prior to but not including the closing date of the issue and/or upon effectiveness of the corporate action event. In addition, failure to provide accurate disclosure regarding the certification of the issue may jeopardize the security's eligibility and settlement in CDSX.
To make an ISIN eligible for CDSX, click Create a new eligibility request.
To check the current status of an existing eligibility request or to continue editing a saved draft click View an existing eligibility request.